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Concrete Waterproofing

Concrete Waterproofing

How come my concrete leaks? Most people do not realize that concrete is a very porous material. The pores are invisible, much smaller that human hair. After concrete is poured, almost a half of the water has to evaporate. As this surplus water pushes to the surface, it leaves behind open pores inside the concrete.

the open pores of concrete enhances the permeability of water in liquid and vapor phases through flow, diffusion, or sorption. This induces well documented water problems within the concrete, such as the  freeze and thaw spalling as well as chloride ion penetration Such problems result in concrete deterioration which in return reduces the concrete structure's life span, especially if the reinforcement steel starts to corrode as a result of anoxidation process that is greatly enhanced by water and chloride ions.

99 percent of the time when we get to the root of the customers problem, it is usully because the concrete project was not prepped right from the beginning and usually falls back on a flaw from the general contractors slope and pitch of the excavation on the property.

However, we have several commercial grade waterproofing materials and the skills to fix most waterproofing projects. We also have decorative concrete coatings that are waterproofing and have a beautiful appearance.

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Concrete Waterproofing in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.