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Garage Flooring in New Hampshire 


We have the best garage flooring that is relaible and durable for all of New England's area has to offer. Imagine an attractive garage that is not only beautiful but is functional.  Well that is what Custom Creations Decorative Concrete, LLC will do for you.  Simply put, we are the Garage Flooring experts. The commercial grade epoxy Garage Floor Coating we install can be found in commercial and residential concrete garage floors without any failures. That is why the product we use is backed by a  Warranty on all of the Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings we install.  The Urethane topcoats we offer will make your concrete garage floor easy to clean and maintain while easily giving that garage floor a beautiful decorative concrete look and shine.

Imagine a beautiful concrete garage floor that is reliable, durable, and warrantied, while protecting your concrete from the harsh weather in new england and no need to worry about salt eatting at our concrete epoxy coatings. Our epoxy is 100% resistant to salts that harm most peoples concrete garages in new england. Our epoxy can be installed to prevent your garage floor from being structurally ruined by the harsh winter salts that eat at your concrete surface in new england.
Our garage flooring coating systems are second to none.  And that's why we are the only company in the new england area that can offer a warranty from peeling or hot tire lift.

We have seen so many customers around the USA, buy products from local big retail chain manufacturers claiming there products will not peel or lift from tires right on the can, claiming there epoxy right on the can, but are nothing but paint, which will last 30 days and looks worse than before you started. Please dont get confused from paint and real commercial grade Epoxy.

Our professional installation includes, a commercial grade grinding floor machine with diamond blades, to grind down the surface to prepare the epoxy coating to have a commercial grade installation. We repair all cracks and use commercial grade fillers so you will not see the cracks underneath the coating and will never reappear again.

We have so many colors, options, and styles to select from.

We will gladly Warranty all our commercial grade epoxy coatings to not lift with hot tires or peel. 100% Guaranteed!

Please Check out our Pictures and Color chart below!

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Garage Flooring Pictures



Garage Flooring Colors

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We Service All Of New Hampshire

A (New Hampshire)

Acworth NH| Albany NH| Alexandria NH| Allenstown NH| Alstead NH| Alton NH| Amherst NH| Andover NH| Antrim NH| Ashland NH| Atkinson NH| Auburn NH|

B (New Hampshire)

Barnstead NH| Barrington NH| Bartlett NH| Bath NH| Bedford NH| Belmont NH| Bennington NH| Benton NH| Berlin NH| Bethlehem NH| Boscawen NH| Bow NH| Bradford NH| Brentwood NH| Bridgewater NH| Bristol NH| Brookfield NH|  Brookline NH|

C (New Hampshire)

Campton NH| Canaan NH| Candia NH| Canterbury NH| Carroll NH| Center Harbor NH| Charlestown NH| Chatham NH| Chester NH| Chesterfield NH| Chichester NH| Claremont NH| Clarksville NH| Colebrook NH| Columbia NH| Concord NH| Conway NH| Cornish NH| Croydon NH|

D (New Hampshire) 

Dalton NH| Danbury NH| Danville NH| Deerfield NH| Deering NH| Derry NH| Dorchester NH| Dover NH| Dublin NH| Dummer NH| Dunbarton NH| Durham NH|

E (New Hampshire)

East Kingston NH| Easton NH| Eaton NH| Effingham NH| Ellsworth NH| Enfield NH| Epping NH| Epsom NH| Errol NH| Exeter NH|

F (New Hampshire)

Farmington NH| Fitzwilliam NH| Francestown NH| Franconia NH| Franklin NH| Freedom NH|Fremont NH|

G (New Hampshire)

Gilford NH| Gilmanton NH| Gilsum NH| Goffstown NH| Gorham NH| Goshen NH| Grafton NH| Grantham NH| Greenfield NH| Greenland NH| Greenville NH| Groton NH|

H (New Hampshire)

Hampstead NH| Hampton NH| Hampton Falls NH| Hancock NH| Hanover NH| Harrisville NH| Hart'sLocation NH| Haverhill NH| Hebron NH| Henniker NH| Hill NH| Hillsborough NH| Hinsdale NH| Holderness NH| Hollis NH| Hooksett NH| Hopkinton NH| Hudson NH|

J (New Hampshire)

Jackson NH| Jaffrey NH| Jefferson NH|

K (New Hampshire)

Keene NH| Kensington NH| Kingston NH|

L (New Hampshire)

Laconia NH| Lancaster NH| Landaff NH| Langdon NH| Lebanon NH| Lee NH| Lempster NH| Lincoln NH| Lisbon NH| Litchfield NH| Littleton NH| Londonderry NH| Loudon NH| Lyman NH| Lyme NH| Lyndeborough NH|

M (New Hampshire)

Madbury NH| Madison NH| Manchester NH| Marlborough NH| Marlow NH| Mason NH| Meredith NH| Merrimack NH| Middleton NH| Milan NH| Milford NH| Milton NH| Monroe NH| Mont Vernon NH| Moultonborough NH|

N (New Hampshire)

Nashua NH| Nelson NH| New Boston NH| New Castle NH| New Durham NH| New Hampton NH| New Ipswich NH| New London NH| Newbury NH| Newfields NH| Newington NH| Newmarket NH| Newport NH| Newton NH| Northfield NH| North Hampton NH| Northumberland NH| Northwood NH| Nottingham NH|

O (New Hampshire)

Orange NH| Orford NH| Ossipee NH|

P (New Hampshire)

Pelham NH| Pembroke NH| Peterborough NH| Piermont NH| Pittsburg NH| Pittsfield NH| Plainfield NH| Plaistow NH| Plymouth NH| Portsmouth NH|

R (New Hampshire)

Randolph NH| Raymond NH| Richmond NH| Rindge NH| Rochester NH| Rollinsford NH| Roxbury NH| Rumney NH| Rye NH|

S (New Hampshire)

Salem NH| Salisbury NH| Sanbornton NH| Sandown NH| Sandwich NH| Seabrook NH| Sharon NH| Shelburne NH| Somersworth NH| South Hampton NH| Springfield NH| Stark NH| Stewartstown NH| Stoddard NH| Strafford NH| Stratford NH| Stratham NH| Sugar Hill NH| Sullivan NH| Sunapee NH| Surry NH| Sutton NH| Swanzey NH|

T (New Hampshire)

Tamworth NH| Temple NH| Thornton NH| Tilton NH| Troy NH| Tuftonboro NH|

U (New hampshire)

Unity NH|

W (New Hampshire)

 Wakefield NH| Walpole NH| Warner NH| Warren NH| Washington NH| WatervilleValley NH| Weare NH| Webster NH| Wentworth NH| Westmoreland NH| Whitefield NH| Wilmot NH| Wilton NH| Winchester NH| Windham NH| Windsor NH| Wolfeboro NH| Woodstock NH|

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