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Decorative Concrete Prices

The prices of decorative concrete will depend on many factors, each job is unique and local conditions also have a large bearing on the final cost.

Here are a few items that will affect the prices of the installation

• Is there access to transport the concrete to the location on the property
• Method of coloring: Integral color or color hardeners. Integral colors are more expensive but color throughout the thickness of the slab, color hardeners provide better surface protection and lighter colors.

• Size of the job: The larger the job the lower the cost per square foot price will be for stamped concrete.

• What the job entails: How complicated is the installation, how many colors, patterns, etc.

• Preparation: Is it a Pool Deck, Driveway, Patio, easy access,. on a slope, removal of asphalt or concrete, will it require fill, etc.

• Time Frame: Is it a rush job, is there plenty of time for the installation.

• Will there be rebar, fiber mesh, sauna tubes installed.

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Decorative Concrete Prices in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.