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Basement Flooring

Basement Flooring


Decorative Concrete flooring is a great option for basement floors, especially basements that are wet, damp or flood prone.You will never have to deal with the foul odors from moisture wetness in concrete floors or replace carpeting or tile again. Decorative Concrete flooring eliminates the problems associated with traditional concrete floor coverings like carpeting, tile and vinyl, once and for all.

  • Not affected by dampness, moisture or even flooding
  • Moisture control built in resists the growth of mold and mildew
  • A breathable surface which does not trap in moisture and mildew
  • Breathable surface allows moisture and water to evaporate
  • A permanent solution to replacing old traditional basement floor coverings
  • Various designs and colors to choose from
  • Adds value, beauty, and warmth to any concrete basement
  • We have many options: stained concrete, overlays, and coatings
  • Decorative Concrete is the secret to a basements beauty and  longevity. Carpeting, wood, tile, paint and vinyl don't allow concrete floors to breathe naturally and can trap moisture between the concrete and the underside of the floor covering, causing mold and mildew to grow. Which is why most concrete basements have a foul odor from dampness, moisture, and condensation, that has been long building in the basements carpet, tile, and laminate, causing the whole basement to have a stale foul odor.

Decorative Concrete floors allow moisture to continually evaporate because they have breathable properties allowing the concrete to not trap mildew and mold into the flooring during or after the installation. The result is a permanent decorative concrete floor covering that will never have to be replaced and will resist the growth of mold and mildew even in damp or wet conditions.

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Basement Flooring in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.